1.Following your invitation Michelle Bibby will visit your home and have a discussion with you to establish your needs and gain an understanding of the real estate and what you are looking to achieve.Following this meeting she will conduct some further research in order to establish where your real estate sits in comparison to market conditions and comparable sales.

2.A second meeting will involve a discussion on marketing options and selling strategies. Michelle Bibby will run through the Selling Strategies available and how each of these methods work in some detail so that you are happy and comfortable with the process she will adopt.Marketing options will also be discussed and she will explain all your options, the associated costs, and what each is likely to achieve in order to be sure she has a clear and decisive plan. Once you are comfortable with moving forward,documentation will be completed to allow Michelle Bibby to work with you on the sale of your real estate.

3.After documentation has been completed, your home will need to be made ready for sale. Michelle will discuss this with you and help you organise for any necessary work to ensure your real estate presents at its very best.Photography will need to be arranged.Before any marketing commences Michelle will contact the extensive data base to introduce your real estate privately and exclusively to all our potential buyers.

4.Once the marketing campaign commences and your real estate is launched to our website Michelle Bibby will be responding to and following up on all enquires. Michelle
will be liaising with you on a regular basis and arranging home opens to suit you.You will play your part by ensuring your real estate presents as welcoming and attractive. Michelle Bibby will communicate with you regularly regarding feedback from home opens and private inspections.

5.During the marketing campaign, whether it be an auction campaign or regular sales campaign, the goal is to create as much competition as possible among potential buyers.This process ensures that Michelle Bibby can negotiate the best possible price for your real estate.

“Insiders Guide to Selling Your Property”

The Insiders Guide to Selling Your Property is a book I have written for potential sellers, which carefully outlines all the important issues that you should consider before putting your home onto the market. I hope you find the content useful and some help in navigating your way through what may be one of your most important sales of your life.